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Mission Briefing

"The situation is grim and the odds are against us, Commander. Once again, one of our convoys has been attacked which resulted in the loss of four of our freighters. There were no survivors."

"Reconnaissance units have pin-pointed the enemy fleets position and as we speak, our fleet is being prepared for a counterattack. The only thing is, we're in desperate need of a skilled Commander."

"And there you have your answer as to why you were reinstalled as a Commander of the Navy last week."

"Your mission is to destroy the entire enemy fleet, pick up any casualties and report back to base. It's as simple as that..."

"I know you've been out-off-service for some time, so I've arranged a small refresher course which you can read to prepare yourself before being sent to battle.
You'll find this course by selecting Manual. Don't be stubborn, read it, for your missions outcome will depend on it."

"If you're in a hurry and are confident in your victory, you can shipout directly here."